LeBron James is a freak of nature, that much is clear. Despite being 38 years of age already, the Los Angeles Lakers star remains one of the best players in today's NBA, an incredible force of nature that bends defenses to his will. Now, James greatness is so easy to take for granted, as he has played at an elite level for two decades now, something that simply isn't normal thanks to the undefeated power of Father Time. And Kevin Durant certainly knows just how much effort has gone into James' unparalleled longevity.

Speaking on The ETCs podcast, the Phoenix Suns star expressed his awe over James' brilliance that has spanned an incredibly long time. As elite of a player as Durant may be, he knows that James is simply a different animal whose career achievements put him a stratosphere above his peers.

“He's in his 20th season, 38 years old. Man, it's inspiring to see,” Durant said.

LeBron James combines his elite skill and athleticism with legendary work ethic, putting in whatever work is necessary to keep his body at a tip-top condition. Sure, Father Time hasn't yet met a man that isn't its match, with James having suffered a few injuries here and there over the past few seasons. James has also needed to manage his load considerably, and he takes more plays off than he ever has.

But even with age-related decline, James towers over most of his contemporaries, standing out as one player every NBA superstar can aspire towards emulating. The Lakers' hopes of winning their 18th championship still hinge on how far James could take the Purple and Gold in what should be a heated 2024 playoffs.

Even Kevin Durant knows how difficult it is to keep up a superstar-level of play through multiple seasons. The Suns star forward cannot take anything for granted, as he has suffered a ton of knee and other leg injuries over the past few seasons. But thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, Durant remains at the peak of his powers, with the Suns expecting the 2014 NBA MVP to lead them to the franchise's first-ever championship.