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Kobe Bryant called best-selling novelist Paulo Coehlo, possibly to work on book

Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant is keeping busy in retirement and the latest news is that he contacted the best-selling novelist Paulo Coehlo about possibly working together per Lucas Pastore of UOL.

“Kobe Bryant phoned me about three months ago. He wanted us to do something together, maybe a book written with four hands.”

Bryant accomplished just about everything a player can while he was in the NBA. He won five championships, two Finals MVPs a regular season MVP, two scoring titles, 18 All-Star Game appearances, and 15 All-NBA appearances. Kobe is a first-ballot Hall of Famer and firmly in the conversation with the all-time greats.

But after retirement, Bryant is just as motivated to succeed. In fact, he’s discussed his desire to succeed in life after basketball. This is his way to stick it to everyone who had doubts about his willingness to walk away from the game.

Bryant already won an Oscar for best animated short film with his short film, Dear Basketball. Perhaps a book is in his future. It’s unclear what type of book that will be. Coehlo is an accomplished novelist and there’s a chance that Bryant is looking to work on a novel with the Brazilian writer. There’s also a chance that Kobe is interested in telling his own story and he wants someone who can help him put thoughts to paper.

Who knows exactly what Bryant is looking for. Regardless, it’s becoming clear that Kobe has enough passions and enough pursuits to keep him occupied in his life after basketball.