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Kobe Bryant is still ‘trippin’ after Oscars win

It’s been almost a week since Kobe Bryant won an Oscar for his short film Dear Basketball, which was based on a short poem he had written during his career and talks about how he has given basketball everything he has and how basketball has done the same.

Bryant, however, hasn’t come down from the excitement of winning the award and he joined Jimmy Kimmel (who also hosted the Oscars) on Thursday night to talk about it.

“I mean what in the hell,” Bryant said when asked by Kimmel if he just takes it around with him everywhere. “I’m still tripping about it.”

He went on to talk with Kimmel about how he didn’t feel like he would be nervous because he couldn’t control the outcome, but before the award was announced, the nerves hit him, for the exact same reason, because he couldn’t control the outcome.

Bryant told Kimmel he didn’t get to say everything he wanted in his acceptance speech because by the time it was his turn to talk he only had five seconds left on the clock, but he was just happy to come home with an award, because he hasn’t won a championship for a very, very long time.

With NBA championships and now an Oscar in his hand, Kimmel asked Bryant what was next for him, and if he should maybe try to win a Grammy next.

“I know my limitations,” he said. “Singing is… I don’t even sound good in the shower.”

Bryant seems good with just about anything he does though, so maybe with a little practice, a Grammy could be around the corner.