Lakers news: Kobe Bryant on infamous Jimmy Butler Timberwolves practice -- 'I think most of my teams would just call it a Monday'
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Lakers legend Kobe Bryant on Jimmy Butler’s infamous Timberwolves practice: ‘I think most of my teams would just call it a Monday’

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Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant didn’t make much of Jimmy Butler’s infamous first practice of the season with the Minnesota Timberwolves, claiming that type of intensity is just another day’s work in his eyes.

“I think most of my teams would just call it a Monday,” said Bryant during his appearance at Barstool Sports’ The Corp (via ESPN).

There are very few players in the league as intense as Butler, much less after old-school stars like Bryant and Kevin Garnett retired — both famous for their incessant intensity and competitive edge.

Butler’s practice tirade included much more than the usual practice, though, as he berated coach/president Tom Thibodeau and general manager Scott Layden as he dropped buckets alongside the third stringers, embarrassing the starting unit after not playing the entire summer.

It’s unlikely Bryant took shots at former Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak and former president Jim Buss (also part of the ownership group) during practices, likely keeping his high-octane fuel reserved for the players.

Butler’s situation involved much more than lighting a spark on his team’s behind, but also the disgust with the constant back-and-forth that the front office exhibited with his trade request. First being open to it and then not.

While it’s easy for Kobe Bryant to play it like “this used to happen all the time”several longtime employees were shocked to see that take place in the practice facility, even those familiar with Jimmy Butler’s practice antics like ESPN’s Nick Friedell, who covered Butler in his time with the Chicago Bulls.