Lakers news: Kyle Kuzma destroys Burberry for clothing featuring noose
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Kyle Kuzma destroys Burberry for clothing with noose around neck

Kyle Kuzma

NBA players are very particular about their style and Los Angeles LakersKyle Kuzma is no exception.

The 23-year-old recently took to Twitter to call out a fashion miscue from a company called Burberry after they released an outfit that contained a noose around the neck. The boutique brand was trying to make a statement, but failed, and was forced to apologize.

Whatever decision making was involved in the process of releasing the controversial hoodie was, it proved to not be a good one – and now 528K people have seen it thanks to the sophomore forward’s initiative. That is a lot of people who might not have otherwise seen it.

It does not take a fashion genius to figure out that having a noose on a hoodie should never have seen the light of day. It probably should not have even been said out loud in a meeting, but both happened.

The negative publicity could probably lead to a restructuring and a system could be in place where the responsible individuals are held accountable for decisions like this. Right now, this is just bad PR.

It is good to see the fashion-forward NBA players speaking out against the awful fashion decisions. A noose on a hoodie is the opposite of good fashion. Thanks to this tweet, Burberry better subscribe to the philosophy that all press is good press. Even the bad press.