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Kyle Kuzma uses shoes to bring awareness to Amazon rainforest fires

Lakers, Kyle Kuzma, Amazon fires

Team USA had a strong showing against the Australian Boomers in Melbourne on Thursday, getting a much-needed 102-86 win in the first of their two exhibition matches. But while the Americans are trying to dominate the FIBA World Cup, which is less than two weeks away, Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma also wants fans to recognize a much bigger issue that’s happening right now.

The shoes that Kuzma wore during the game had “Amazon ❤️” written on it. He then took to Twitter to say confirm that he was trying to create awareness in what’s happening at the world’s largest rain forest.

Kuzma isn’t the first player who’s been trying to help spread the news of what’s happening in the Amazon. Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was actually saddened by the fact that people were more concerned about Spider-Man than the possible harm that those forest fires could cause on a global scale.

According to reports, there have been 72,000+ fires recorded in Brazil, and half of those came from the Amazon . Scientists fear that if the fires will continue to burn at this rate, it might have a devastating effect in the fight against climate change.

NBA players have been using their social media platforms to address some of the most important social issues of today, from racism, politics, mass shootings, etc. So it is no surprise guys like the Lakers forward and Gobert are trying to get the fans to care about the Amazon rainforest. After all, the entire planet will benefit if the problem is addressed at the soonest possible time.