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RUMOR: Kyle Lowry’s major demand that could hinder Lakers signing

Lakers, LeBron James, Kyle Lowry

Previous reports have suggested that Toronto Raptors veteran Kyle Lowry could be on his way to Hollywood with the Los Angeles Lakers showing serious interest in the six-time All-Star. As it turns out, however, Lowry himself might not be too inclined to joining LeBron James right now.

According to Matt Moore of Action Network, Lowry’s contract demands might just force the Lakers out of the race for his signature. That is, there have been rumblings about Lowry prioritizing a huge payday over a potential championship:

There was some assumption from league sources that Lowry would be chasing a second ring in free agency. But while playoff or prospective playoff teams make up the list of suitors, the new operating assumption is that money will be the deciding factor for Lowry.

There will be no ring chasing under a minimum deal, in other words.

Aside from the Lakers, there have been a couple of other teams that have been liked to a swoop for Lowry once he enters free agency this summer. The Philadelphia 76ers are thought to be one of the most active suitors for Lowry, while both the New York Knicks and the Dallas Mavericks have also emerged as serious contenders:

The Knicks are considering a one-year deal that would trump, the thinking goes, a multi-team offer in single-year salary. The Mavericks are thought to be pursuing a two-year deal for Lowry.

Both the Knicks and the Mavs could potentially offer a more lucrative deal to Lowry as opposed to what the Lakers could put on the table. It does look like the Lakers are serious about their pursuit for Kyle Lowry, but at this point, it doesn’t appear as though they can afford him.