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Lakers executive fully believes in the ‘magic’ of the Kobe Bryant jerseys

Lakers, Kobe Bryant

In light of Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing in January, the Los Angeles Lakers have decide to wear “Black Mamba” jerseys throughout the playoffs to honor his life and legacy. Some may view this as a small gesture, but one executive from the team believes there is real magic in those threads.

“How can you not believe that there’s some power to it?” asked Tim Harris, the Lakers president of business operations and chief operating officer, via The Athletic. “We’ve all heard the stories of how the 2-4 shows up in different places and then that happens and then Frank makes mention of it talking to the team. How do you not believe in the magic? How do you not believe that he’s watching us? How do you not?”

The Black Mamba kits that the Lakers have worn through these playoffs are a work of art, and they were partially designed by Kobe Bryant himself. The uniforms feature a black colorway, with Los Angeles’ distinctive gold trim and lettering outlines. Stitched into the arm strap is a heart with the No. 2 enclosed, which was the same number that Bryant’s daughter, Gianna, wore during her youth basketball games. The jerseys have been a hit among the players and fans alike, with many stores selling out of stock.

Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash just outside of Los Angeles back in January. Sadly, all passengers on the flight, including his daughter Gianna, passed away in the accident. It was a tragic loss for the NBA community, but his “Mamba Mentality” now lives on through these jerseys.