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Lamar Odom’s relationship changed after Kobe Bryant passed

Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Lakers

Former Los Angeles Lakers star and Kobe Bryant teammate Lamar Odom was among the masses of persons grieving Bryant’s death after he was killed in a helicopter crash in January.

Odom was devastated by the loss of a man he considered his brother and mentor, saying Kobe’s death “f****d” him up.

According to Odom’s fiancee, Sabrina Parr, the grieving process also led to the couple developing a strong bond and finding comfort in their love.

The two had apparently taken a vow of abstinence shortly after their engagement, but Parr explains that vow went by the wayside (via Jade Boren of Hollywood Life):

“I’ll say this, when Kobe passed a lot of things changed, and I’ll be honest, his emotions, my emotions, that was really my first time dealing with Lamar grieving. And so, I became very lenient on that because he was grieving. And I was too because I love him and I’m connected with him so I have my own grief too,” Sabrina explained.

“To be honest, when you’re with someone you love and you’re grieving together, or trying to support one another, intimacy just happens naturally,” Sabrina continued.

Both Parr and Odom have a checkered past.

Parr–a health and fitness coach–was arrested in 2015 and charged with multiple counts of felonious assault. Meanwhile, Odom has struggled with substance abuse and sex addiction issues. However, the couple seem to be on the straight and narrow.

If anything, Parr’s words would seem to indicate she and Odom are able to confide in one another and express their emotions openly, with a willingness to walk back certain promises so as to maintain a strong and loving relationship.