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Lakers’ LeBron James clowns Donald Trump in 2020 Presidential Debate vs. Joe Biden

LeBron James, Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Please vote! Those were the simple and precise words of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James on his Instagram story as he reacted to the latest US Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

But he couldn’t help himself as he added a little extra flavor to his post as he put a clown emoji over the face of Trump after taking a photo of his TV screen.

The four-time MVP hasn’t been shy in expressing his disgust towards Trump, who continues to be heavily criticized by athletes because of his racist remarks and other controversial comments. LeBron also posted Please Vote! on his Twitter account after the first US Presidential Debate last month.

LeBron also tags More Than A Vote in all of his posts related to the upcoming polls. He and former US First Lady Michelle Obama initiated the campaign to motivate more people to register and vote. Other NBA stars like Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Ben Simmons, Draymond Green, CJ McCollum, Kyle Lowry, and Trae Young are also part of the group.

Other big-name athletes and celebrities like Patrick Mahomes, Tom Hanks, Tim McGraw, and Lin-Manuel Miranda are also big proponents of the campaign.

LeBron has already said that he will not be baited into a back-and-forth conversation with Trump, who he called “a bum” in the past. Instead, The King said he will focus his energy on reminding everyone about their right to vote and inspiring change in communities.

LeBron continues to be a leading voice in the call for social equality in the wake of continued racism and police brutality in the US.