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LeBron James’ cryptic response when asked if received COVID-19 vaccine


Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James refused to confirm nor deny whether he has received the COVID-19 vaccine.

James was asked about the vaccine during his post-practice media availability on Friday afternoon, two days before the Lakers’ Game 1 matchup with the Phoenix Suns.

Here’s the full exchange between James and Kyle Goon of the Orange County Register.

Goon: Hey LeBron, I know you’ve talked about how your availability for this team in the postseason is a huge factor for the team’s success. I was wondering if that value affected the way you thought about the COVID-19 vaccine and being available, not being in protocols?

LeBron: Nah. Nah. Anything I do off the floor is predicated to my family for the majority — 99.9% of that. So, it’s about the health and safety of my family, and that’s what it came down to. Me being available to my teammates on the floor is me taking care of my body, me doing everything I can to make sure I’m available both mentally, physically, and spiritually, as well. But anything of that nature, that’s all family talk.

And do you mind me asking if you’re confirming that you did get the vaccine?

LeBron: Uh, it’s not, it’s not a big deal (chuckles).

Minutes later, Frank Vogel revealed that the Lakers were still yet to reach the 85% vaccination threshold, which would ease travel restrictions. Vogel said he remains “hopeful” that the team would reach the figure during their playoff run, which he said comes with “obvious benefits.”

Earlier this month, Dennis Schroder raised eyebrows when he seemed to indicate that he and James were the only Lakers players not to receive the vaccine. Last week, Schroder then said he was the only Laker who has not yet received the shot.

Vaccines were made available to members of the Lakers organization on April 16, Vogel recently shared.

During his All-Star game press conference in March, James was similarly mum when asked about the vaccine.

One thing worth noting, though: LeBron was spotted maskless at a party for his Lobos tequila and mezcal brand on Monday, alongside Drake, Michael B. Jordan and others.