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Lakers star LeBron James’ epic reaction to Browns’ 75th anniversary jerseys

Lakers, Browns, LeBron James, Baker Mayfield

LeBron James has always fancied the Dallas Cowboys, but his loyalty remains with the Cleveland Browns. The Los Angeles Lakers star proved as much on Saturday after he showed he’s still keeping up to date with everything about his hometown team.

As the Browns unveiled their jerseys for their 75th anniversary, LeBron couldn’t help but be impressed by the looks of it. The Lakers forward then took to Twitter to show how hyped he is for the new uniforms and, most likely, for the season that awaits Cleveland.

If you get tired of counting or just didn’t bother, that’s 20 fire emojis. To be fair, after an injury-riddled season with the Lakers, it’s hard to remember when was the last time LeBron James was this hyped.

Browns fans will love the support the team gets from LeBron, too. While some question whether he really supports Cleveland’s NFL franchise or not, it’s still nice to see a homegrown athlete show support to the local team even though they are in different markets now.

It’s unknown if the Lakers leader will be able to come home and watch a game of the Browns live this 2021. With the NFL season scheduled in September and the 2021-21 NBA season set to start a few weeks later, LeBron might not have a lot of time in his hands.

Still, he’ll probably be glued to his TV when there are Browns games!