Lakers news: LeBron James has unblocked Javale McGee on Instagram
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LeBron James has unblocked Javale McGee on Instagram

LeBron James, JaVale McGee

Most NBA fans are probably aware of the previous history of LeBron James and Lance Stephenson that has gone on until they became teammates with the Los Angeles Lakers this past summer. What most people don’t know or may have forgotten, however, is that James has had some history of bad blood with newly-acquired Lakers center Javale McGee as well. In a photo posted almost three years ago in December of 2015, McGee showed that he was blocked by James and had absolutely no idea why.

Recently, the four-time MVP has unblocked the back-to-back NBA Champion on Instagram, per Reddit u/accountblue

The funniest part of this might be that at the time of McGee’s screenshot, he wasn’t even aware he was blocked by James. Some have speculated that this has something to do with McGee accidentally injuring LeBron’s close friend, James Jones, by deciding to attempt a ridiculous free-throw line dunk in a game between the Washington Wizards and Miami Heat back in 2010.

For now, it appears that both have squashed the apparent beef as they move forward to playing together with the Lakers. Most projections indicate that McGee will be the starting center for the Lakers as the team hopes his length, athleticism, and championship experience will be valuable assets for the team. He will also be a nice partner in the pick-and-roll with James due to his ability to catch and finish at the rim.

Whether James, McGee, and Stephenson can coexist remains to be seen. McGee and Stephenson are not exactly known around NBA circles as having high basketball IQs. If it does end up working out, the team should be a formidable opponent in the Western Conference.