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Lakers star LeBron James hit with major disrespect by Skip Bayless after MVP poll snub

Lakers, LeBron James, Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless remains one of LeBron James’ biggest critics, so it’s not surprising when the FOX Sports commentator went at the Los Angeles Lakers superstar again and even compared him to Kevin Durant.

In the recent episode of Undisputed, Bayless had some scathing remarks about LeBron while he and his co-host Shannon Sharpe discussed their latest MVP and NBA Champions poll for 2021-22. In the said poll, Durant and the Brooklyn Nets topped the voting as the favorite to win the MVP and title, respectively. As for the Lakers star, he didn’t crack the Top 5 and placed seventh.

Bayless, as usual, saw it as an opportunity to diss at LeBron, noting that he is not even on the same level as KD.

“Today, all I know is what I’ve been saying for many, many, many days on this show, which is ‘Kevin Durant is the best player on the planet,'” Bayless exclaimed. “I’ve been telling you that for three years, you said, ‘No it’s the GOAT, the phony GOAT LeBron James.’ It’s not, it’s screaming at you once again. He [Durant] ran away with the MVP calculations here–45 points to LeBron’s 7 points among the voters.

“That means he’s not even in the same stratosphere with Kevin Durant.”

While LeBron James is certainly used to the criticisms from Skip Bayless, there is no doubt it will just fuel him further to silence his doubters. The Lakers have been on the receiving end of several hate, basically saying they are a washed team. Skip’s sentiments are the same, but at Year 19, LeBron surely doesn’t look like he’s slowing down any time soon.

LeBron James might not be the MVP favorite heading to the 2021-22 season; however, there is a reason the Lakers are considered one of the strongest contenders to win the title again after a down year in 2020-21.