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LeBron James less talented than former eight-time All-Star, says Richard Jefferson

LeBron James, Lakers, Richard Jefferson, Vince Carter, Cavs

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is widely considered one of the most talented athletes in the entire history of the Milky Way. His skill level is out of this world, not to mention his crazy durability.

LeBron can do virtually anything on the hardwood. He can heavily impact a game on both ends. His natural athleticism, already apparent even during his grade school days, has made him an elite force and arguably the most talented player in NBA history.

Well, not really, according to Richard Jefferson. On a recent episode of The Jump, the ESPN analyst said there’s one player who was more talented than LeBron: Vince Carter. Jefferson said VC was truly a skilled dude (via Lakers Daily).

“I have never seen anything like Vince Carter. I was fortunate enough to play with LeBron James. But there was nothing that I have ever seen this man not be able to do. Left-hand finishes, left-hand dunks, 360 layups, handle it like a point guard. To me, he is the most talented player I have ever seen in my life.”

Jefferson, Vince Carter, and Jason Kidd formed an exciting trio for the New Jersey Nets in the early 2000s. Jefferson had a VIP seat to Carter’s out-of-this-world athleticism. Jefferson, however, was also a former teammate of LeBron James with the Cleveland Cavaliers, so he saw closely how talented LBJ was. So his observation, no matter how novel it sounds, holds firsthand credibility.

LeBron James has always had great respect for the players before him, so perhaps he’ll take Richard Jefferson’s take as a compliment.