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LeBron James reveals whose highlights he’s watching during coronavirus hiatus

LeBron James, Lakers, Highlights

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James decided to participate in his first Instagram Live video, in which he addressed a fair amount of questions from the fans. Like most of us, LeBron was also looking for something productive to do during the extended season shutdown.

As it turns out, James himself has also turned to YouTube as a welcome companion to fight away the boredom and lethargy during these difficult times. The three-time NBA champ shared whose highlights he has been watching:

James went through the whole list of NBA players whose highlights he has been watching, and the 35-year-old was not afraid to admit that he has been going through his own highlights as well. Former Los Angeles Lakers greats Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal are also on LeBron’s playlist, and so is the great Michael Jordan. Interestingly, the only other active player James mentioned was Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets, who as we all know, has tested positive for the coronavirus.

James also named a couple of non-NBA names on his watch list: the legendary Deion Sanders (NFL/MLB), as well as Baseball Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr.

The past few weeks have been terrible for all of us, including LeBron himself, but perhaps the silver lining here is that this hiatus is giving the 35-year-old some added time to rest and recuperate before the season gets going again.