Bronny James has been making headlines in the basketball world as the first-born son of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James attempt to blaze his path toward the NBA. However, it’s not just Bronny who has been the talk of the town of late, with Bryce James, LeBron’s second son, also starting to make a name for himself on the scene.

Bryce, who currently plays for the Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, California, recently flexed his clutch gene during a crucial juncture in his team’s game. The 15-year-old was fouled from 3-point territory with just one second remaining on the clock and his squad down two points. With the game on the line, Bryce proved that he had ice in his veins (h/t CltuchPoints on Twitter):

Bryce found himself open in the corner for what could have been a game-winning triple. His defender attempted to close him out, but ended up fouling Bryce with just one second left in the game. Bryce needed to sink all three attempts from the stripe, and so he did just that to lead his team to a one-point victory.

Big brother Bronny was watching from the sidelines and you could see him eagerly cheering on his sibling. It’s a shame LeBron James wasn’t in attendance for this one, as he surely would have been quite hyped by his son’s game-winning heroics.

What you can say for sure is that the basketball gene runs strong in the James family, which in truth, isn’t a surprise at all.