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LeBron James’ son will attend the high school of Baron Davis, Shareef O’Neal, among others

Bronny James, LeBron James

LeBron James Jr. has followed up his father’s decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers on a four-year, $154 million deal with his very own, choosing to play at Crossroads School in Santa Monica, Calif., according to TMZ Sports.

The 13-year-old has enrolled in eighth grade, making him eligible to play for the middle school team while gearing up for his high school stint next year.

Shareef O’Neal, son of former Lakers big man Shaquille O’Neal, was recently a member of the school for arts and sciences, though Shareef will be enrolling at UCLA this month.

UCLA legend Baron Davis also went to the school before breaking into the collegiate ranks.

Crossroads has been known to produce plenty of talent off the court, including the likes of Evan Spiegel, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Jack Black, Maya Rudolph, and Jonah Hill.

The L.A. scene is not short of talent, as many former NBA stars like Scottie Pippen and Kenyon Martin have their kids at some of the top prep schools in hopes to make them big enough names to follow in their footsteps.