Lakers’ LeBron James steals Knicks towel, and fans have plenty of questions

The Lakers star donned a Knicks towel after the game.

LeBron James wearing a Knicks towel around his neck

The Los Angeles Lakers topped the New York Knicks 113-105 on Saturday night behind 24 points from LeBron James, but it wasn't what James did on the court that has fans talking.

After the game, the Lakers star did his post-game interview with a Knicks towel wrapped around his shoulders, and fans have questions.

Says MJF45, “Wait, why does LeBron have Knicks towel around his neck?”

CP the Artist also questioned why the Lakers star was using the other team's towel – “Why LeBron using a Knicks towel? I thought they use their own”

Jimmyswrld liked it – “Lebron putting that knicks towel on I ain’t gon lie”

Chris Manno wasn't feeling it – “Why’s Lebron got a Knicks towel draped over him man? I still can’t stand this dude.”

Knicks4lyfe thought it was weird that a Lakers player would don a Knicks towel – “Wait a second why is lebron wearing a Knicks towel in the post game??? Is that normal?”

Matt put it a succinctly as possible – “Lebron with the Knicks towel. You’re so f*cking annoying dude.”

Before the game, LeBron arrived to the Lakers vs. Knicks game wearing blue and orange shoes, the colors of the New York Knicks. There was trade speculation surrounding James earlier this week when a KTLA reported said that he heard that the Lakers are open to moving off of James in order to start a rebuild. That report was strongly denied by James' agent Rich Paul of Klutch Sports.

James has been averaging 24.9 points per game, 7.5 rebounds, 7.7 assists and 1.3 steals with splits of 52 percent shooting from the field, 39.7 percent shooting from the three-point line and 72.6 percent shooting from the free throw line this season.