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VIDEO: LeBron nutmegs Luke Kennard on pass to Markieff Morris

LeBron James Luke Kennard Lakers

By now, everyone in the association should know that LeBron James is one of the most talented passers in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar has filled his career highlight reel with clutch plays and monstrous jams that his ability to drop a dime usually gets unnoticed. On Tuesday’s opening night game against the Los Angeles Clippers, The King made sure to remind everyone that he’s indeed up there when it comes to all-time passing greats.

Early in fourth quarter, James drove to the basket and dropped an insane, no-look, nutmeg pass to a waiting Markieff Morris in the corner. Morris was probably still in shock when he got the ball as he missed the three-ball. Good thing a foul was called on the play or else James might really be on his case for not giving him the assist.

If you live under a rock and somehow still don’t consider James as one of the best passers in the league after this then I don’t know what would:

Last season, at 35, James tallied a career-high in assists per game after the regular season with an average of 10.2 assists per game. He ended up as the assists leader for the first time in his 17-season career in the NBA which is undeniably impressive.

James followed up an incredible regular season last year with an even more awesome stint in the playoffs where he, alongside Anthony Davis, led the Lakers to their 17th banner. On Tuesday, James was officially awarded his fourth NBA ring.