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Watch: Lonzo Ball appears to have new-looking jumpshot

One of the most debated topics among Laker fans is guard Lonzo Ball’s whacky looking jump shot.

Some fans of the Los Angeles Lakers insist that his form must be changed if he ever wants to be an accurate three-point shooter, pointing out his subpar 31 percent from downtown in his rookie season. Others claim that changing the eldest Ball’s form at this stage would be counter-productive, and reference his 41 percent three-point shooting in his sole season at UCLA as proof his form can still be effective.

Regardless of what side you are on, there appears to be an interesting development regarding Ball and his puzzling jumper. Big Baller Brand Media has tweeted a short clip of Lonzo shooting a warm-up jumper with a new looking form, suggesting there could be changes coming for next season.

Lonzo’s previous style was infamous for being offline, angled to the left side of his head so that it seemed like his right arm was blocking his view of the basket.

This new form looks significantly straighter, and both the ball and his shooting arm look to be dead on with the basket.

While this new look technically a big improvement from Lonzo’s last form, it remains to be seen if Lonzo will actually use this form and if his shooting will improve with it.

Now that LeBron James is a Laker, a lot of pressure has been lifted off Lonzo’s shoulders and he is no longer the number one player on the team. However, as a number two pick and one of the most hyped players out of college of all time, Lonzo is still expected to do big things in Lakerland, and shooting 30 percent from three is not going to cut it. New form or old form, that percentage has got to rise or Laker fan’s famously thin patience will run out.