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Lonzo Ball paying no mind to Jamal Murray’s stunt

jamal murray, lonzo ball

Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray got into some hot water recently when he derisively dribbled past Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball while running down the clock on a big Nuggets win. Lakers forward Julius Randle took offense to that stunt as he went over and fouled Murray to express his displeasure.

Ball, though, had a more laid-back approach to the incident than his teammate, according to USA Today’s Sam Amick.

“My back was turned (on Murray when he pulled his stunt), but I really don’t pay no mind to it,” Ball said. “I don’t feed into it. I know everybody’s trying to get under my skin and stuff, but I don’t let it get to me. I came in expecting everything, pretty much. Nothing has really been out of (what he was expecting), so it’s cool.”

Ball is quickly establishing a reputation during his rookie year as a non-confrontational character. He famously walked away while his teammates were getting involved in a scuffle against the Phoenix Suns earlier this season. And now, he’s apparently willing to shrug off an incident where an opponent seemingly disrespected him.

There will almost surely be a wide range of opinions as to what it says about Ball that he’s choosing not to make a bigger deal out of this controversy. Not caring about it is a completely reasonable stance for him to have, though. Besides, Ball has much bigger problems to worry about at the moment than getting angry about other players dribbling past him.