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Lonzo Ball’s IG post makes everyone assume the Lakers star is hinting a move to Nike

Lonzo Ball, Lakers

Things are moving fast for Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball — or at least, they appear that way.

With the Big Baller Brand dealing with a lot of issues at the moment, Ball hinted of a possible (or rather likely) move to Nike on Instagram.

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Moving on to bigger and better #MyOwnMan

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Lonzo Ball was in the news recently, after he severed ties with Alan Foster, the co-founder of Big Baller Brand. The breakup was reportedly due to Foster stealing money from Ball’s personal and business accounts.

This has brought up a crop of issues, as Lonzo apparently expressed concerns about Foster to his father Lavar in the past. Lavar didn’t seem to act on these concerns though, as clearly Foster and Lonzo had a falling out.

With all of this going on, it seems Ball might not want anything to do with his family’s brand anymore. The Instagram post has quite a few hints to that.

First off, his jersey is hung in the rafters. That makes it appear as if he’s retiring from something. It’s not basketball — so it’s got to be Big Baller Brand.

Then there’s the text. The caption “Moving on to bigger and better #MyOwnMan” very clearly seems like he’s moving on and wants to separate himself. He’s more than just his last name.

The text in the picture meanwhile, is the signature Nike text. Also, the final two words of the text “do it.”

While it’s still just speculation, this all seems pretty obvious. The Lakers even reached out to Lonzo Ball to find out if the BBB shoes might’ve had anything to do with his ankle problems.

At this point, the question seems to be more when the switch will be announced as opposed to if it will actually happen.

With all the mess surrounding Big Baller Brand at the moment, my advice to him would be simple — just do it.