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Montrezl Harrell’s hilarious reaction to fans deciphering his cryptic tweets

Montrezl Harrell, Suns, Lakers

People love conspiracy theories. Well, not exactly if you’re Montrezl Harrell.

The Los Angeles Lakers big man has been sending out cryptic tweets in the last few days. Many fans believe they have something to do with his diminished role in their first round series against the Phoenix Suns. At first glance, Harrell’s tweets seem harmless, but if you squint really hard, there could be some subtle messages there.

Harrell has noticed that fans are deciphering the underlying messages in his tweets, prompting him to issue, um, another tweet. But this time, the message was pretty clear.

As the former Sixth Man of the Year mentioned, fans have been channeling their inner Sherlock Holmes in finding hidden meanings in his tweets. Well, at least Harrell is entertained by it. You don’t need to be an undercover CIA agent to analyze that, as evidenced by the very ominous three laughing emojis.

Just moments after their Game 4 loss to the Suns on Sunday, Harrell posted a tweet, which many fans thought was pointing to his spot minutes. He only played five minutes and grabbed two rebounds. He did not attempt a single shot.

Prior to that, he posted a tweet laced with laughing emojis as well. It’s quite unclear if he was sarcastically laughing after getting a DNP in Game 3 or if he was laughing at the Los Angeles Clippers for being in a 2-0 hole against the Dallas Mavericks.

Harrell has found himself as the odd-man-out in the Lakers’ big man rotation. He has lost his spot in the depth chart to Marc Gasol despite playing well in Game 1 against the Suns. It’s hard to tell though if Montrezl Harrell is frustrated by it. Maybe he needs to tweet something to clear the air. Oh, wait.