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Nick Young thinks Lakers can compete with Warriors

Nick Young, Lakers, Warriors

Former Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young thinks another of his former teams, the Los Angeles Lakers, can compete with the defending champs despite their exuberant youth.

Young was a guest on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed,” offering hope that the new wave of purple and gold can give the NBA’s elite franchise a run for its money.

“I think they actually could compete with the Warriors,” said Young. “They’re young and they match up well. Like when we played Houston, the matchup was switching, they switched everything — Trevor (Ariza) and P.J. (Tucker) switched everything… It’s just teams like that, they have B.I. (Brandon Ingram), they got Kuzma — they can switch on anybody.”

Ingram and Kuzma are nowhere near the level of defenders Ariza and Tucker have been during their NBA careers, but they do possess the length and athletic skill to pose a problem and guard multiple positions on the floor.

Whether that would be enough to give the Warriors their share of headaches remains to be seen, but the future looks incredibly bright, so long as there are no distractions keeping them off the rails.

Young signed a one-year deal with the Warriors in 2017 after spending his last four seasons with the Lakers, playing under Luke Walton and Steve Kerr for long enough to know their tendencies. The guard is currently a free agent.

While his take is rather bold, LeBron James has been known to carry teams to unthinkable heights and can prove to do so once again, despite the team’s inexperience.