Lakers news: Paul Pierce thinks LeBron James and Co. are the 'second best team in the West'
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Paul Pierce thinks LeBron James’ Lakers are the ‘second best team in the West’

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While it appears the Golden State Warriors dynasty is over, two other teams in California appear ready to take the throne. Honestly though, one can’t go wrong with either selection between the Los Angeles Lakers or Los Angeles Clippers.

However, former NBA star Paul Pierce thinks the Lakers are second to the Clippers in the West.

Both LA franchises are building their teams to contend in the West for the next few years. They are built around two superstars (LeBron, Anthony Davis for the Lakers and Kawhi, Paul George for the Clippers) and have savvy veterans placed around them.

Nonetheless, while the Clippers are 4-2 and the Lakers are 4-1, the Clips are impressing without Paul George. Perhaps, this was enough to push the Clippers over the edge for Pierce.

“I think it’s the Lakers,” Pierce replied. “Anthony Davis has been great, we know what LeBron can do. LeBron doesn’t have to carry a big load because of Anthony Davis, he can count on Kuz for the season and be ready for the playoffs. This guy has been dominant, Anthony Davis. I think this is the second-best team in the West, Houston has been good, Utah has been good, but hands down, they got the two superstars that can take them to the Finals.”

The Lakers shouldn’t be slighted by Pierce’s criticism (or anyone’s for that matter). The season is still young and it’s important for Davis to establish himself as a dominant presence while letting James pick his spots as the season progresses.

It remains to be seen if Pierce thinks the same as the season moves forward.