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Lakers’ Rajon Rondo says Warriors benefit from being together 4-5 years

Rajon Rondo, Lakers, Warriors

Veteran guard Rajon Rondo has taken notice of the ease in which the visiting Golden State Warriors were able to dispatch his Los Angeles Lakers in three quarters, first building a 27-point lead in the first quarter and later putting it away once more in the third quarter, dealing the last haymaker that would force most substitutes to enter the game.

Rondo said this Warriors team benefits from tight-knit chemistry built from being together for a long stretch, a luxury not afforded to most teams.

“A lot of teams, nowadays, you’re not allowed to be together for four or five years,” said Rondo, according to ClutchPoints’ Ryan Ward. “This team has been together for four or five years that’s why you can talk about the chemistry that you have.”

The Warriors’ main core of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green still remains intact to this day, a luxury that is only justified by winning titles and having proven to excel together.

Key bench cogs like Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston have developed an intrinsic connection, one the young Lakers have yet to develop with most of their players in and out of the lineup, plagued by a slew of injuries.

Even former players like Andrew Bogut have been able to come back and pick up their system in a jiffy, considering the time he spent playing under Steve Kerr during the start of the Warriors’ surging run.

It will take time for the Lakers to build a similar core, but most importantly, it will take winning and a clear sign that players are worth keeping to have that same connection — something that might not happen after all if they pursue Anthony Davis in free agency.