More often than not, it's Shaq and Charles Barkley who get into it during the NBA on TNT broadcast. It was a little bit different on Wednesday night, though, with the Los Angeles Lakers icon deciding to turn his attention to co-host Kenny Smith.

O'Neal came in late and ended up missing the start of the broadcast. When he arrived, Smith gave him some stick. The Lakers legend did not appreciate the jab and literally threatened to put some hurt on his colleague (h/t Hoop Central on Twitter):

“If you try to be funny on TV again I’m gonna show you funny. I'm gonna put these paws on you,” Shaq told Smith.

Shaq was being serious here and clearly wasn't in a very good mood. Kenny Smith seemed like he didn't know how exactly to react to the ex-Lakers big man's threat.

For what it's worth, O'Neal was indeed late. He may have technically come in a minute early — as he argued — but what matters the most is that he didn't make it on time to start the show. Here's a look at the opening segment without Shaq. Apparently, he got stuck in a little bit of traffic:

That's not really the best way to kick off Wednesday's slate of games for the TNT crew.