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Skip Bayless believes he can outrun LeBron James, Tom Brady

LeBron James, Skip Bayless, Tom Brady

Skip Bayless is definitely one of LeBron James’ staunchest critics. Bayless has, on multiple occasions, called out the Los Angeles Lakers superstar for basically any reason the broadcaster can think of.

Bayless is at it again, this time taking a shot at LeBron’s ability to run an eight-mile race. This is probably as random as it gets, but Bayless has even included the great Tom Brady in his most recent claim:

“I always think of LeBron, since he’s the guy we talk about the most,” said Skip Bayless, via Alex Shultz of GQ. “Or Tom Brady. I’m going to the top of the food chain with both of them. I definitely could outrun those two for eight miles.”

Skip Bayless isn’t joking or exaggerating here; he truly, honestly believes that he can outrun two of the greatest active professional athletes in their respective sports. In fact, Bayless is even willing to put his money where his mouth is:

“I would do it for any amount of money,” he claimed. “I still run pretty well. I’m pretty fast. My eighth mile is usually around 6:30. The other miles will be more like 7:30 or 8:00.”

Skip Bayless went on to belabor his point by adding a scientific touch to his absurdity:

“Let’s take LeBron: At 6-foot-nine and 260 pounds, it’s just physics—it’s too many pounds to carry over a distance,” he explained. “I’d do it tomorrow.”

Well, I, for one, would definitely pay good money to see that race. If only LeBron would give this man the time of day.