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Somebody vandalized another LeBron James-Lakers mural

LeBron James

Lakers fans can’t have nice things. As soon as an artist paints a LeBron James mural, some clown vandalizes it. This latest vandalism is somewhat inexplicable too. Earlier defacement of LeBron murals could be linked to the fact that some Lakers fans may feel that LeBron has yet to earn his stripes as a legendary Laker.

But in this one, James is clearly looking up at the line of Laker greats. He’s not on the same level of the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant. Instead, he’s looking at what he can become. Kobe stans—or any other stans for that matter—shouldn’t feel slighted by this at all.

It’s unlikely that this vandal will ever be caught. But whether it was done by a Laker fan or simply a LeBron hater, it’s a bad look for the city of Los Angeles.

Who knows how much time and effort the artists are putting into these murals of LeBron? It’s completely unfair to them when their work is destroyed by a coward.

LeBron remains one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports. Most people love him or hate him. So far in Los Angeles, that still rings true. Perhaps once the season starts and Laker fans get to witness James in the purple and gold, they’ll have a change of heart.

If the culprits are Laker fans, they’ll feel silly when they find themselves cheering for James in October.