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The real reason why Dennis Schroder rejected other teams in favor of LeBron James, Lakers

Dennis Schroder

Much like he has done in the past, Dennis Schroder bet on himself this summer when he went all-out for Germany in the EuroBasket tournament. This bold move paid off quite well for the 29-year-old veteran, as he was rewarded with a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

As it turns out, it wasn’t only the Lakers that were interested in signing Schroder. A few other rival teams were also eyeing the 6-foot-3 combo guard, but according to NBA insider Marc Stein (paywalled), Schroder just couldn’t let the opportunity to return to LA pass:

We reported the Lakers’ interest in Schröder on Aug. 23 and, as the tournament progressed, he began attracting serious feelers from other NBA clubs but badly wanted a return to the Lakers.

Schroder’s strong play in the EuroLeague tournament had other teams doing their due diligence. However, as soon as Schroder realized that the Lakers were in the mix, it’s as if he spurned any and all other offers in favor of a reunion with LeBron James in Hollywood.

Schroder has unfinished business with the Lakers. His decision to turn down a massive $80 million, four-year extension with LA a few years ago still remains to be one of the most appalling free-agency decisions in NBA history. Schroder eventually signed a one-year deal with the Boston Celtics worth just $5.9 million.

It seems that Dennis Schroder has something to prove now that he returns to the Lakers. He’s been on the wrong end of a lot of criticism over the past few years, and perhaps a return to his former team will help erase all this negativity.