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Twitter goes off on LeBron James’ response to Daryl Morey, China situation

LeBron James, Daryl Morey, Rockets, Lakers, tweets

After returning from their trip from China, Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James would not play in Monday night’s preseason game against the Golden State Warriors. He would, however, be available to the media pregame, and he commented on Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey:

Almost immediately after the footage and quotes from LeBron James hit social media, fans let him have it. There are reports that James’ quotes weren’t taken in the correct context or way, but fans are still ripping into him on social media.

To recall, Daryl Morey sparked controversy earlier this month after tweeting his support of Hong Kong protestors — which is a sensitive topic in China.

The NBA has since taken their position, with Adam Silver emphasizing that the league stands by its values of “equality, respect and freedom of expression.”

LeBron’s comments, meanwhile, came in the wake of their recent trip to China. The Lakers played two preseason games in the East Asian country against the Brooklyn Nets in the past week, although the showdown has been threatened to be cancelled multiple times due to the controversy.

Multiple players and coaches have also reacted to the recent issue with China, including Rockets star James Harden, Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Stephen Curry and head coach Steve Kerr.