Los Angeles Lakers' star LeBron James issued a surprising 5-word response when asked about his thoughts and relationship with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, per Ballislife.com on Twitter.

“No thoughts and no relationship,” LeBron James said.

This caught plenty of people by surprise. And in unsurprising fashion, Twitter had a field day with LeBron's remarks.

“He (LeBron James) answered the question honestly. D*mn, what was he supposed to do bust into a dance move?? Either he has thoughts or he doesn’t,” one Twitter user wrote.



“I knew their relationship wasn’t the best but I didn’t know it was so cold lol MJ and Wilt had some alpha dog tension too,” another user wrote in reference to LeBron James' Kareem Abdul-Jabbar truth bomb.

The reporter likely expected LeBron James to give him a typical response. However, James did the exact opposite. LeBron and Kareem have never been thought of as close friends. But James' reaction to the question makes it seem as if there may be some beef between the two legends.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has criticized LeBron James in the past. LeBron previously shared a Covid-19 meme that drew the ire of Kareem. Abdul-Jabbar even went as far as to call James “uninformed.” One would imagine that likely have something to do with all of this.

One Twitter user acknowledged that James and Abdul-Jabbar's stances on social issues may have led to potential beef.

“It’s because Kareem has been critical of leBron in the past for “standing on both sides of the fence” on certain social issues.”

Abdul-Jabbar has yet to respond to James' comments.