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Tyronn Lue told Luke Walton that LeBron James isn’t hard to coach at all

Cavs, Lakers, Tyronn Lue, Luke Walton, LeBron James

LeBron James’ former head coach with the Cavs Tyronn Lue gave Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton some words of insight when it comes to his new superstar player, dispelling the myth of James being a tough player to coach.

“I just told him about Bron, how easy he is,” Tyronn Lue said in July, according to Joe Vardon of The Athletic. “Bron’s easy, man. It’s not what it seems… If he has a problem or disagrees with you, he’s going to talk to you. He’s not going to make a big scene or blow up, occasionally you see him (upset) on the bench but… people blow it out of proportion, like it’s something crazy. … It’s just the surrounding sh*t that they try to make it hard.”

LeBron James often has the focal lens zoomed in all the way on him, as cameras watch his every move and recorders catch his every word, no matter how simple or complex it is.

The King could be at times bigger than the game itself, as most have admitted there will be a team reporter and a “LeBron reporter” for every media outlet covering the team. It was true for the Cleveland Cavaliers and it will be true once again with the Lakers, as the microscope will be in full effect in his new home.

Luke Walton, 38, is barely older than James, 33, but as long as there is respect between the two — there should be no reason the 2003 NBA draftmates couldn’t coexist, having that same goal in common after all.