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Emotional Steve Kerr calls Kobe Bryant’s death the ‘saddest day’ in NBA history

Steve Kerr, Kobe Bryant, Lakers, Warriors

For Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, the demise of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant is the “saddest day” in NBA history.

Kerr, who has been in the NBA since the 90s, also noted two tragic events that had a similar impact on the league. He recalled that when Lakers icon Magic Johnson announced he had HIV, almost all of them thought that he would be gone within a year. After all, little was known about the virus during that time.

The Warriors coach also mentioned Croatian star Drazen Petrovic, who was at the height of his career before dying in a crash crash in the summer of 1993.

Steve Kerr is among the few people who played against Bryant as a player, called his games as a color commentator, coached him in the All-Star Game, and coached against his Lakers. The 54-year-old coach has also seen the league through its ups and downs, the controversies, the players who have gone in and out of the league, and many more.

However, no one will ever doubt his claims that Bryant’s demise is the “saddest day” in NBA history. His departure is as tragic as it is unexpected. Most NBA players live long and healthy lives years after they hang up their jerseys for good.

Though Kobe Bryant left the game in 2016, he was still in everyone’s subconscious. He was just about to reach the peak of his post-basketball career. He had a studio, a publishing house, and several other businesses. Nonetheless, in a blink of an eye, the beautiful lives of Bryant, his daughter, as well as seven others were cut short by a tragedy.

Everyone is mourning the end of a legend, but the touching tributes and messages only show that Kobe will live on everyone’s memories forever.