Lakers rumors: Ability to re-sign Anthony Davis shouldn't be affected by pandemic
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Report: Lakers’ ability to re-sign Anthony Davis shouldn’t be affected by pandemic

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One of the biggest concerns brought about by the current COVID-19 pandemic is the adverse effect it will have on NBA franchises from a financial perspective. This, however, does not seem to be the case for the Los Angeles Lakers, who reportedly won’t have any trouble re-signing All-Star big man Anthony Davis to a massive extension despite the economic uncertainty.

In a report courtesy of Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the NBA insider details how the Lakers will manage to dig into their pockets in order to keep Davis on board for the long haul:

The Lakers, however, still likely will have no issues in re-signing star Anthony Davis, as their local television deal brings them around $200 million annually, sources said. Added with their national television share, the Lakers could bring in more than $300 million if they don’t sell a single ticket.

According to Windhorst, while the Lakers are not exactly cash-strapped, the ownership structure of this family-owned business does not make them the most liquid organization in the league. Nevertheless, the unparalleled global popularity of the Lakers brand allows it to generate significant revenue despite the troubles brought about by the pandemic. After all, they’re valued at over $4 billion, according to Forbes.

Davis has a player option on his current deal for next season, which means that he could walk away from Los Angeles this offseason if he so wishes. However, the general belief is that he will be signing with the Lakers prior to the start of the new campaign, with some believing he’ll sign a short-term deal. Davis will be demanding quite a hefty payday, and as it appears, the Lakers will have no qualms about giving him the money he is due.

For now, Davis is going to help the Lakers try to return to championship glory.