Snoop Dogg joined the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers fanbase in dissing Danny Green following yet another dismal performance in Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat.

The hip-hop icon and Lakers die-hard follower let out another expletive-laden rant directed at the struggling Lakers' guard after he missed a wide-open 3-pointer in the fourth period that could have given the Lakers the NBA title.

Snoop aired his frustration in a now-deleted Instagram post, which was quickly screengrabbed by his followers.

The 48-year-old rapper even posted a photo of Green with a “How many more” meme, calling him out for his inability to drain those open looks.

Snoop, meanwhile, wasn't alone on his hate for Green, as the 3-and-D player got immediately roasted on Twitter following that missed shot.

Green had a wide-open look in the closing seconds of the game after receiving a nice dish from LeBron James. His shot, however, came up short. The Lakers turned the ball over shortly after and the Heat clinched the 111-108 win with clutch free throws from Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro.

Danny Green recorded eight points in 24 minutes on Friday. While even the greatest of players figure in cold-shooting nights sometimes, Green's inability to hit the target consistently in the playoffs has been a cause for concern.

The Lakers signed him to a two-year $30 million contract in the offseason for his ability to shoot and defend. Green, however, has not been living up to the shooting aspect so far. The Lakers need him to hit those open looks at a higher rate to close out the Heat for good and get that 17th franchise title.

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time that Snoop Dogg aired his disdain for Green. He also lambasted Green last year following the Lakers' second-consecutive loss to the Clippers in the regular season.