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Video: Lakers fans chant ‘We don’t need you’ at Thunder’s Paul George

paul george

Paul George is absolutely feeling the love — or lack thereof – from the Los Angeles Lakers crowd during the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Wednesday night visit to Staples Center.

To begin with, the Lakers faithful already showered the All-Star swingman with boos during player introductions.

Fast forward to the 2:17 mark of the fourth quarter with the Thunder leading, 99-92, and Paul George continued to hear it from the LA crowd.

Apparently, the Lakers’ followers still feel ill towards Paul George’s decision to spurn their team in the summer to re-sign with the Thunder. The anticipation started to build up after George forced his way out of the Indiana Pacers when he told the team of his desire to sign with the Los Angeles in free agency.

As we all know, that didn’t happen and the Lakers are stuck with LeBron James, which isn’t really that bad of a consolation.

But what made things hurt more for George’s hometown fans is the fact that LA could have had him teaming up with James from this season and beyond.

While the crowd made it clear that they don’t need the Fresno State product, a tiny part within each and every one of them might feel otherwise after Paul George torched the Lakers with 37 points and four steals en route to a 107-100 win for the Thunder.