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VIDEO: Lakers’ JR Smith hilariously reacts to Kevin Hart’s LeBron James impression


Los Angeles Lakers newcomer JR Smith is a huge Kevin Hart fan. Case in point was Smith’s recent interview with the renowned comedian on the LOL Network. Hart did a tremendous LeBron James impersonation, and as much as Smith wanted to try to stay professional, Hart’s antics just proved too much for Smith.

Here’s the clip of the interview, which we’re pretty sure will crack you up as well.

Hart is absolutely hilarious, and this is another prime example of why he is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood today. Smith almost fell out of his chair — or hot tub, rather — in side-splitting laughter.

James himself should come across this clip sooner rather than later, and he’s a pretty good sport, so we’re sure he’s going to be laughing his heart out to this one as well. After all, he and Hart are good buddies, too.

It’s all serious for the Lakers come basketball time, though. As Hart stated in the interview, Smith and LeBron have clashed heads before, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if this happens again now that they’ve reunited in LA.

It’s nothing personal, however, and its just two men’s competitive drives taking over. For his part, Smith will need to be at his very best because he surely can’t expect any special treatment from LeBron, despite the fact that they’ve already won a chip together in the past as teammates.

LA brought on Smith as a replacement for Avery Bradley, who opted out of the remainder of the season.  Bradley’s departure has left a huge void to fill, and it’s going to be anything but a free ride for Smith moving with his new squad.