Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant has been enjoying life after basketball.

While he's still connected to the NBA in many ways, he hasn't been seen much around games as a spectator, not as much as you'd like to see anyway.

The Lakers great is actively involved with his daughter who plays basketball, and even tries throwing advice her way now and again. Bryant once stated that she chose to do things her way when he offered to help, but she was stubborn and refused, reminiscent of a younger Bryant during his playing days.

Although the Black Mamba has offered to help current NBA players if they feel the need for his services, he has chosen to stay away from any assistant coaching type jobs, which would surely interfere with how he creatively deals with players.

Bryant has been seen at Staples Center a few times with his daughters to watch WNBA games, almost as if he knows where his oldest will be headed when she's old enough.

Tuesday night, the 5-time champion was spotted in Westwood with his lovely wife and daughters to catch a glimpse of the matchup between the UCLA Bruins and the UConn Huskies.

Sure there are more things to life than just basketball, and Kobe Bryant has many other talents, but there are some things that are just in his blood, and once in a while, fans will get a sneak peak as long as his little ones are interested in the game.

After revealing that he once took a course at the prestigious university, it's not hard to see little Bryant choosing to play for the Bruins after high school.