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Video: Kyle Kuzma posterizes Jakob Poeltl vs. Raptors

Kyle Kuzma, Jakob Poeltl

It would be an understatement to say that Kyle Kuzma is one of the most talented rookies in the NBA. His adept penchant for scoring and his knack for making big plays for the Los Angeles Lakers has endeared him to both NBA fans and players. Although the Lakers are clearly out of postseason contention, they are still an enjoyable team to watch. Much of that credit should go to Kuzma who is the Lakers’ leading scorer.

On Sunday night, Kuzma made another highlight play by dunking all over Jakob Poeltl of the Toronto Raptors. The dunk was so monstrous, it went viral within minutes.

Even though the Lakers are one of the worst teams in the NBA, they have proved time and time again that they can come up big against elite teams. Right now, the Lakers are playing without their star point guard Lonzo Ball. It has apparently hurt their team since they have lost a valuable playmaker for an indefinite period of time. Nonetheless, Kuzma is stepping up in a major way to give the Lakers a much-needed scoring boost, unfortunately at the expense of Poeltl. Even if the Raptors come away with the win, Kuzma will definitely have some bragging rights after this dunk.

In a league where rookies are normally posterized, Kuzma has done just the opposite. As the Lakers continue to win more games down the road, they will need Kuzma to play with aggressiveness each time on the court. Apparently, from this play, Kuzma seems ready for the challenge.