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Video: LeBron James played peacemaker in son’s championship game

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers was in attendance during LeBron “Bronny” James Jr.’s championship game. Yet he wasn’t just there to support his son’s team. When things got heated, he also played peacemaker.

Being a championship game, the players and their respective parents got heated over several calls. Some received technical fouls for their antics. Bronny himself got into a heated argument.

Below are highlights from the game between the North Coast Blue Chips and CP3. At the 10:30 mark, James can be seen stepping foot inside the court trying to pacify some enraged parents and relatives of the players.

The Blue Chips won the trophy in an overtime thriller,  75-71. James took to Twitter to congratulate his son.

Perhaps playing the role of peacemaker is really part of James’ persona. Back in the NBA, he hasn’t really engaged in big fights or severe trash talking. Though he complains a lot when he doesn’t get calls from the referees, he usually walks away when an opposing player tries to talk trash, start a scuffle, or foul him aggressively.

This is a remarkable feat since James gets abused by defenders regularly. Slow motion replays will show that James gets beat up a lot when he drives to the paint. Some critics say that the referees don’t see the abuse he receives in real time because of his brute strength.

Hopefully, James will never lose his temper. It’s hard to imagine a steaming mad freight train running over people.