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Video: Lakers’ LeBron James posts video of NBA 2K with Anthony Davis

LeBron James, Lakers, Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James posted a clip of himself throwing up a lob to Anthony Davis on NBA 2K.

Peep the series of clips below via James’ Instagram stories. As observed, James captioned in with “doing some homework.” Is the four-time MVP already drawing up some possible plays with his new teammate? Before, James was the receiver of such alley-oops. This upcoming season, it seems that he’ll be the one throwing up lobs.

James also posted another clip featuring DeMarcus Cousins — another new teammate of his. In the 2k clip, Cousins and James were involved in a pick-and-pop, with the former leaking out for the wide-open 3-pointer. 2k seemed to have gotten James’ skillset right. The left-handed overhead pass was right on the money — right where Cousins needed it to be.

Throughout the summer, the Lakers have managed to arrange a roster that could possibly contend for a title. From the looks of it, their roster has the capability to snag that elusive ring and bring the Purple and Gold back to its glory days.

But as always, time can only tell this crop of talent can co-exist well with one another. As we’ve all seen in the past, talent alone is not enough. James certainly knows this for a fact. And this early, he’s already drawing up plays as to maximize the new pieces that the front office has acquired for him.