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LeBron James raps Jay-Z songs for mogul’s birthday

Lakers, LeBron James

LeBron James sent out a couple of shout outs to Jay-Z as the rap mogul celebrated his 51st birthday on Friday. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar took to his Instagram Stories to send his birthday greetings to Jay-Z, which also came complete with LeBron’s own rendition of some of the Grammy Award-winning rapper’s most popular songs.

James was more than happy to show off his rapping skills, as he dropped more than a few bars out of a couple of Jay-Z hits. LeBron channeled his inner gangster rap persona complete with a familiar durag look:

LeBron James, Lakers, Jay-Z

The above is a screenshot of just one of several stories posted by LeBron in honor of Jay-Z. The four-time NBA champ even shared a couple of black screens with Jay-Z songs in the background.

LeBron and Jay-Z go way back. They have been two of the biggest names in their respective industries over the past couple of decades, and these two highly influential individuals have crossed paths on several occasions.

Being formerly a part owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Jay-Z did not exactly enjoy LeBron’s heroics whenever the Nets faced off against the 16-time All-Star. For good measure, LeBron also shared an epic on-court encounter between himself and Jay-Z, wherein the latter appeared to be in utter disbelief/loathing as James hit an extremely tough jumper right in front of him. Below is another screenshot of Jay-Z’s epic reaction:

LeBron James, Lakers, Jay-Z

Jay-Z has since sold his stock with the Nets, and he will no longer be involved with the team this coming season. It would have been an epic showdown between LeBron’s Lakers and a now-healthy Nets with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving at the helm. Nonetheless, that contest will surely have some fireworks, with our without Jay-Z.