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Lakers’ LeBron James to Kawhi Leonard after final buzzer: “We’ll be in touch”

LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Lakers, Raptors

Before parting in the moments after the Los Angeles Lakers-Toronto Raptors duel ended on Thursday night, LeBron James whispered some intriguing words to Kawhi Leonard.

Peep the clip below where James can be heard saying “We’ll be in touch” to Leonard.

Depending on how you see it, the encounter could mean nothing or everything. It has been documented that LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard have trained together during the summer. Though Leonard is not as close to James as Dwyane Wade or Chris Paul, the two definitely have a good friendship. James’ words could simply mean that they’ll train again this summer.

However, a look back at certain rumors from the previous offseason would offer more insight. Leonard, before being sent to the Raptors, made it clear that he wanted to play in Los Angeles — his hometown — and preferably for the Lakers. His wish wasn’t granted, but he is having a great year for the Raptors. They’re one of the favorites to finally dethrone the Golden State Warriors.

Whispers around the league reveal that despite a stellar season, Leonard is still eyeing a chance to go back home. These whispers intensified when the defensive stalwart reportedly bought a new home in Southern California earlier in the year.

Everyone knows about the struggles of LeBron James with the Lakers. It has become apparent that he needs another elite player to carry the team deep into the playoffs. The Lakers’ young core represents a talented bunch, but the Lakers’ win-loss record and the way they’ve been playing are clear pieces of evidence that their current level of talent is not enough. A massive rehauling of the Lakers’ roster is in order. Kawhi Leonard is at the top of the list of possible acquisitions.

It is still officially winter, but the warm words from LeBron to Kawhi will set the stage for the summer that is to come.