One of Michael Jordan's most iconic moments was his epic game-winner against the Cleveland Cavaliers back in the 1989 playoffs. This was featured in a recent episode of “The Last Dance,” and we were all reminded of how tremendous Jordan was for the Chicago Bulls during that game.

On the other hand, this moment was memorable to the Cavs for all the wrong reasons. Then-Cavs head coach Lenny Wilkens gave us his thoughts on “The Shot,” particularly with his decision to put Cavs two-guard Craig Ehlo on Michael Jordan for that final play.

“Ehlo was a hell of a defender,” Wilkens said during an interview on SiriusXM NBA radio, via Sam Amico of Sports Illustrated. “I would make that same decision today.”

Wilkens' decision was somewhat put into question when Ron Harper, who was with the Cavs at that time, opened up about how frustrated he was at not being given a chance to defend Jordan for that particular play. According to Harper, he expressed to Wilkens his desire to take on the responsibility of guarding Jordan, but that he was ultimately waived off by his coach.

When asked about that alleged discussion, Wilkens denied having any recollection of the same.

“I don't recall if that conversation took place,” Wilkens said. “If it happened, I don't remember it.”

It's all water under the bridge now, and to be honest, Jordan probably didn't even care who was on him during that play. He had a bullish determination to win that game for his team, and he wasn't going to let anybody stop him.