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LaVar Ball claims his son Lonzo is ‘Magic Johnson with a jump shot’

Another day, another LaVar Ball disparate claim.

This time, the outspoken father of UCLA freshman Lonzo Ball said his son can be as impactful as Los Angeles Lakers legend and President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson, even going one step further.

“Lonzo (would) have that same impact Magic (Johnson) had. I’m trying to tell you. Same impact,” LaVar told Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take before raising up an even more outlandish claim.

“He’ll be better than Magic, how’s that?”

The show’s panel was taken aback (as if he didn’t have a history of crazy loose-mouthed tales), asking him how he even compares to the Lakers legend stylistically.

“Lonzo was Magic with a jump shot,” LaVar said. “What I mean by that is everybody wants to play with him. The winning, the running, the long passes. They tried to compare him to Jason Kidd, but if you look at it he’s more like Penny Hardaway (with his) size, length, style.”


Three comparisons in one long sentence like this one, has become the trademark of The Ballfather, making sure every interview and invitation for a show can give networks something else to talk about.

A comparison to Magic is one the boldest claims he’s had for his son, making this an unbelievably high standard to ride through the NCAA tournament.

Lonzo has done his fair share to back up his father’s claims, letting his game speak for itself — putting up 15 and 18 points against Kent State and Cincinnati respectively, including a near triple-double in the second-round game with seven rebounds and nine assists, to punch the Bruins’ ticket to the Sweet 16.

His effort comes at the heels of an eight-point dud against the Arizona Wildcats in the regular season finale of the Pac-12 conference.

Lonzo will have his toughest test to date against the 2-seeded Kentucky Wildcats on Friday night in order to move one step close to come out a winner of the South Region.

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