The Detroit Lions have a ton of hype surrounding them heading into the 2023 NFL season. Despite losing Jameson Williams for six games, players such as Aidan Hutchinson and Jared Goff give Lions fans hope for the season ahead.

However, the team isn't allowing the buzz around the team to get to them this offseason. There are more important things head coach Dan Campbell is focusing on as preparations begin for next season.

“Yeah, look we don’t – we’re not into the hype,” Campbell told the media. “Like right now, everything is about the work, and it will be when we get into training camp.”

The Lions aren't returning the same roster from last season. Detroit overhauled their secondary while allowing a few faces to leave for greener pastures. Campbell says this essentially means they have a brand new team to bring along.

“Yeah, we’ve got a foundation, but yeah man, we’ve got to get the chemistry right; we’ve got a lot of new faces,” Campbell continued at his press conference.

The Lions want to take a major step forward after an incredible 8-2 stretch to end last season. Detroit finished 9-8 thanks to that run despite a putrid start to the campaign that looked to doom them to another poor finish.

The team knows they have the talent to push forward next season. However, they still need to put the work in. Campbell will instill that message throughout the year no matter the expectations.

If we’re going to really buy into that and not put the work in again, no, we’ll get our a** kicked, so, that’s not what we’re going to do,” Campbell said.