An NFL bettor was extremely close to turning $25 into a small fortune. All the bettor needed was for the Detroit Lions to upset (+400) the Green Bay Packers to hit on a bonkers 16-game Week 2 parlay. The payout would have been over $726,000 (several places have it as $726,959, while the BetMGM Twitter account has it at $736,959) to win the prize.

The bettor was not eligible to cash out early because it was a free $25 bet. Otherwise, if the person got cold feet about the Lions winning, they could have cashed out for a good amount of money. Some may have viewed that as a cowardly move, but it is the Lions we're talking about here.

Sure enough, Detroit failed this bettor after putting up a good fight in the first half. In fact, the Lions led 17-14 after the first two quarters, so this person had to be losing their mind. Packers fans were surely starting to feel some heat as well.

Then Aaron Rodgers took over in the second half, shutting up the haters for at least one week. Rodgers tossed four touchdowns on the night, with three of them coming to running back Aaron Jones.

Meanwhile, the Lions didn't score a single point in the second half after the strong first half, ultimately taking home a 35-17 loss to fall to 0-2 on the season. So, not only did they not win to finish off that parlay, but they couldn't even cover.

Finally, if this bettor wanted to hedge for protection, it would have been very difficult given just how big a favorite the Packers were for this game. Wrangling up enough cash to make that worth it could have been tough depending on the situation, especially given this person was just making a $25 free bet.