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2021 MLB trade deadline grades for the Dodgers

Dodgers trade deadline grades Max Scherzer, Trea Turner

During one of the most insane MLB trade deadlines in recent memory, the Los Angeles Dodgers were one of the busiest teams out there by making a blockbuster trade and another underrated move. The Dodgers have once again set themselves up for success.

Here are 2021 MLB trade deadline grades for the Dodgers.

Danny Duffy, LHP

In their first big move, the Dodgers traded for former Kansas City Royals ace Danny Duffy and cash considerations, in exchange for a PTBNL. Duffy is currently having a good season, currently owning a 2.51 ERA, 65 strikeouts and a 1.21 WHIP. He has only pitched 61 innings due to his current hip flexor injury and how the Royals relied more on their relief pitchers than their starting pitchers.

Even though it is not known who the Royals will get in the trade, it still seems like the Dodgers have won this trade.

This is a solid move for the team and could even be one of the most underrated moves of the trade deadline. Duffy is having yet another great season, even with his setbacks. The Royals weren’t able to back up some of his best performances offensively, and it was finally time for him to have a change of scenery.

Only 32 years old, Duffy can still provide the team with some strong pitching performances once he returns from the IL. Being a reliever for the team wouldn’t be a bad idea, as he has shown to have great pitching performances when his innings are limited. However, being a back-end starter in the rotation would be the best thing to do here. He has the ability to eat up innings, limit runs and has some veteran experience that the team wouldn’t be opposed to having.

Even though he isn’t one of the best pitchers in the game right now, the Dodgers still got a s0lid arm in Duffy. Don’t be surprised if he performs at a high level once he returns.

Grade: B+

Max Scherzer, RHP and Trea Turner, SS

In one the biggest trades of the deadline, the Dodgers acquired RHP Max Scherzer and SS Trea Turner from the Washington Nationals in exchange for C Keibert Ruiz, RHP Josiah Gray, RHP Gerardo Carrillo and OF Donovan Casey.

One of the best pitchers in baseball, Scherzer is having yet another great season. While pitching for the Nationals this season, he tossed 147 strikeouts, boasted a 2.76 ERA and racked up eight wins. It initially looked like he was going to go to the San Diego Padres, but the Dodgers swooped in. After weeks of negotiations, the Dodgers came out on top and have yet another GOAT on their roster.

Turner is yet another player who was great for the Nationals, and he has been one of the best shortstops in the league. He is currently slashing .322/.369/.486 with 49 RBI, 18 dingers and 21 stolen bases. He was yet another name thrown out prior to the trade deadline and was sought after by many playoff teams. Nonetheless, he was also sent to the Dodgers, in the package that included Scherzer.

In order for the team to bring in both of these magnificent players, they had to give up some of their best prospects. Catcher Keibert Ruiz and pitcher Josiah Gray are some of the best prospects in baseball, landing on the top 100 prospects list. Both will be big pieces for the Nationals in the future.

This trade officially makes the Dodgers postseason favorites. Adding Scherzer to a rotation that was already one of the best in baseball is basically unfair at this point. He will play a huge role for the team once the postseason arrives and should deliver some quality starts.

However, Scherzer’s impact on the roster won’t be as big as Turner’s impact. With a lineup that could use some offensive help (Cody Bellinger is having one of the worst performances this year, and Mookie Betts is currently on the IL), getting Turner makes this team unstoppable. He has the speed that kills with stellar defense. He is a great contact hitter but can show his power every now and then. What isn’t there to like about this guy? He is a great leadoff hitter and a perfect spark for the team.

While the cost for these two was quite large, it was all worth it in the end. Getting an ace pitcher and a star batter is an instant win.

Grade: A+ (Would have given it an A+++ if such grade existed)

Dodgers Trade Deadline Conclusion

The Dodgers just had one of the best trade deadline performances of the last couple years. As injuries are affecting the team yet again, they found a way to plug in the holes with some great talent. Though two out of the three players are currently in the final year of their deals (Duffy, Scherzer), they still are getting some help in a position that really needs it in the home stretch. Turner will be an amazing addition to the batting lineup and should be a key contributor during the postseason. While other teams went out and got some great players, they do not match what the Dodgers have. They are clear-cut winners and should be favored to win the World Series again.

Overall grade: A+